Hunting Decoys and Accessories


Tasco Camouflage 10X25 Binocular

PRICE: Rs.1400
Contact: 0300-4850621/0333-4342685

  • Tasco's best-selling Essentials line balances optical performance and quality construction, at an affordable price

Mojo Mallard Floater

Price: Rs. 11500

Completely redesigned to enhance realism and durability, the Mojo Floater is now better than ever. This new version of an old favorite has even more of a lifelike look from end to end and is based on a specially designed decoy body configured in the correct stretching position. An extremely durable snap-on float system makes this decoy highly stable in the water and practically unsinkable. Adding Mojo Floaters to your decoy strategy gives you just the right amount of movement to bring in curious but reluctant ducks from a distance. Comes complete with a 6-volt rechargeable battery, battery charger and PVC wings.


  • Redesigned for more realism
  •  Correct stretching position
  •  Comes with battery and charger
  •  Extremely stable in the water


Price: Rs.14000/set of 6
Contact: 0300-4850621
  • FLOCK A FLICKERS™ present a new and unseen application of the spinning wing concept that proved to be a revolution in duck hunting and offers a concept that more nearly mimics real ducks. 
  • They are a patent pending “series” of half dozen small spinning wings, with specially designed timers that produce momentary, random flashes or strobes of the spinning wing characteristics, all designed to mimic those same flashes given off by a flock of real ducks. 
  • Spinning wing decoys have been the greatest aid to duck hunting in the history of duck hunting, but lots of ducks have been fooled by them.
  • NOW, the same phenomenal concept but in a whole new, and more realistic look. 
  • Designed for use in dry fields and in the water.
  •  Operates up to 30 hours on 3 AA batteries (not included).
  •  Extremely effective on doves and pigeons and many other birds.
  • - Spinning wing benefits in an all new look
  • - Mimics the flash given off by a flock of real ducks
  • - Designed for dry fields or water
  • - Includes 6 units pre-programed with random on/off timers
  • - Operates up to 30 hours on 3 AA batteries

MOJO Rippler

Price: Rs.6000
Contact: 0300-4850621/ 0333-4342685
  • MOJO® and Duck Commander®, two names synonymous with successful duck hunting have combined forces to bring you one of the main ingredients leading to success: “MOTION” in your spread by use of the easiest and most useful of decoys, a vibrating rippler. 
  • The MOJO® Rippler will make ripples and waves thru out your spread giving motion to otherwise dead decoys. 
  • Duck hunters must have dependability and reliability and this decoy is designed to meet the rigors of this type of hunting. 
  • All moving parts plus batteries are contained in an easily removable housing of a screw lock design. 
  • The easiest and most economical motion device you can add to your spread. 
  • Operates on 4AA batteries (not included).

  • Features:
  1. Realistic Mallard Drake body
  2. Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included)
  3. Specially designed motion to create ripples like live ducks
  4. Easy batter installation through removable screw-lock housing


Price: Rs.9500

Contact #: 0300-4850621

  • The popularity of the gadwall makes it an excellent duck-attracting addition to any spread. 
  • Magnetically connected, super-fast wings. 
  • Second-and-a-half on/off timer. 
  • Runs up to 16 hours on four AA batteries(not included). 

Standard Mallard Decoys

Price: Rs.2400/6pc

Contact: 0300-4850621

  • The ultra iridescent head on the drakes and the intentionally darker bodies and feather detailing on the hens make this the die-hard hunters' favorite standard size mallard decoy. 
  •  One dozen 4 Drakes & 2 Hens

HIGDON Magnum Full Form Shell Mallard

Price: Rs.90000/6pc

  • Package Includes: 4 Drakes & 2 Hens.  
  • Stand allows movement in the slightest breeze.  
  • 1-piece stake system allows decoy and stake to be carried by one hand as one complete unit.  
  • Fully flocked for the ultimate in realism. 
  • Swivel heads rotate 360 degrees.

HIGDON Full Size Mallard Decoys

Price: Rs.6500/6pc

  • This Full-Size mallard pack has all six decoys with different head positions including new skimmers, and a new sleeper drake!  
  • Realism has definitely been taken to the next level with this decoy package. 
  • Package Includes: 4 Drakes & 2 Hens.


Teal Replacement Wings @ Rs.1800/set
Baby MOJO/Floater Replacement Wings @ Rs.2500/set

Crane Decoy

Price: Rs. 1200/1pc

Contact :0300-4850621

  • Work well as hunting decoys for cranes and as confidence-inspiring options for decoy-shy ducks and geese. 30" tall with stake. Per each.